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New single "Once I Feel Like This" out now
once i feel lke this- cover art.PNG
Rayelle teams up with LEGO for new Unstoppable ads 
Hidden Citizens X Sam Tinnesz X Rayelle's "Unleash The Power"
powers trailer for upcoming NETFLIX series BLUE EYE SAMURAI
"Look What We Started" and "Take Me Where I GO" featured in Selling The OC 
"I Like That"  & "Shake It Up" featured in CHOOSE LOVE on NETFLIX
IMG_6543 2.JPG
"We Are The Rulers" featured in STARZ promo
"Get Ready" featured in winter JEEP ads
"Ready For It" featured in THE SCHOOL OF GOOD AND EVIL
school of good and evil.jpg
"Blueprint" featured in ALL AMERICAN:HOMECOMING
"I Won't Back Down" out now
I Won't Back Down_cover art.jpg
New collab with SILVERBERG "Battle" out now
battle_cover art.jpg
New collab with UNSECRET "I Want Dat"
PNG image.jpeg
"Made Ya Look" featured on Apple TV series AMBER BROWN
New single "Made Ya Look" out now
Made Ya Look cover art (1).jpg
"Get Ready" featured on LOVE ISLAND season 4 on Peacock
"Take You Where I GO" featured in Maggie on HULU
New single "Take You Where I Go" out now
take you where I go-cover art.jpg
"Do My Thing" featured in PS5 Destruction Allstars game and trailer
NIGHT PANDA X RAYELLE collab "Payback" featured in HBO MAX promos
NIGHT PANDA X RAYELLE collab "Payback" out now
Payback cover art.jpg
"Run" featured in SELLING THE OC  trailer
"Run" collab with UNSECRET out now
IMG_1197 2.jpg
"Warrior (Stand Up)" featured in BEYOND THE EDGE promos
"Warrior (Stand Up)" featured in MISS USA pageant
"Be You" double single (Original mix and Latin remix) out now
BE YOU cover art.jpg
"Be You" featured in Siete ad
NIGHT PANDA collab "On My Way" featured in Google Sustainability ad
"Shake It Up" used in ep 4 of new Disney + series JUST BEYOND
"Unleash The Power" featured in UFC 267 promo
"Ooo La La La La" featured in season 2 finale of THE L WORD: GENERATION Q
"Unleash The Power" featured in XBOX game pass for PC montage
New collab with Hidden Citizens & Sam Tinnesz  "Unleash The Power" 
New collab with Silverberg "Lightning" used in HARD KNOCKS DALLAS COWBOYS on HBO
Lightning cover art.jpg
Multiple songs featured in LOVE ISLAND season 3 on CBS
"Ooh La La La La" featured in Vivo ads
"Let Loose", "Get Up & Go", "Right Here Right Now" & "Made Ya Look" featured in Season 7 of Younger 
"Freedom" & "Ooh La La La La" featured in BIG SHOT on Disney Plus
"Gonna Get It" featured in Vivo ads in India
"Warrior (Stand Up)" featured in KUNG FU  promo on CW
Debut full-length album CHAMELEON out now!
CHAMELEON cover art.jpg
"Trouble's Comin" featured in A Babysitter's Guide To Monster Hunting  trailer
"Something That I Like" featured in Emily In Paris  trailer
"Something That I Like" out now!
Something That I Like artwork.jpg
"U Want It" out now!
U Want It artwork (1).jpg
"Trouble's Comin" out now!
Trouble's Comin' artwork (1).jpg
New single "All About It" out now
All About It cover art.jpg
New single "Good At This" out now
Good At This artwork.jpg
Netflix's SELLING SUNSET  seasons 1-3 features numerous Rayelle songs
New  collab with Hidden Citizens "Warrior (Stand Up) out now
New  single "Let's Go Now" out now
Let's Go Now artwork (1).jpg
New  collab with Lucky Dropout "Your Number One" out now
Your Number One artwork.jpg
New  single "Good Thing Going" out now
NEW Good Thing Going ART.jpg
New  single "Something Stronger" and full lyric video out now
something stronger artwork pink.jpg
New  single "Look What We Started" collab with Unsecret out now
New  single "Just Move" out now
New single " Just What I Need" out now
Just What I Need cover.jpg
New single " TAKEDOWN" premiered on NFL Thursday Night Football
Take Down art with color.jpg
New single from Jocelyn Alice featuring Rayelle out now
New single and music video "Freedom" OUT NOW
"I Feel Good" featured in GREY'S ANATOMY S16 EP02
"Nothing Lasts Forever" featured in EMPIRE promos on FOX
New Single "TFW (That Feel When)" Out Now
"Do My Thing" featured in trailer for Late Night Movie
New single "Do My Thing" out now!
Do My Thing cover art.jpg
"Gonna Be A Good Day" featured in season premiere of SYTYCD on FOX!
"Get Dat" featured in Kohl's commercial nationwide
"Get Dat" featured in International ads for new Samsung S10
"Get Ready" featured in American ads for new Samsung S10
New single "Thing You Do" now available on all digital platforms
"Thing You Do" featured in Mini Clubman ads in UK
"Ready For It" featured in episode of SHAMELESS on SHOWTIME
"Who Says" featured in Snapchat Spectacles ad
"GONNA BE A GOOD DAY" featured in new Fortnite trailer
MONA LISA EP out now on all digital stores worldwide
"Gonna Be A Good Day" featured in THE BOLD TYPE  on Freeform
"Mona Lisa" featured in season 5 of YOUNGER on TV Land
"Gonna Be A Good Day" featured promos for new NBC show MAKING IT
"Yes Yes I Can" featured in 2018 Miss USA pageant
WILDFIRE  EP now available on itunes, spotify & all digital stores worldwide
"Ready For It" featured in promos for 2018 BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS
"Yes Yes I Can" in promos for next season of America's Got Talent on NBC
LIKE WHAT YOU SEE   EP out now on all digital stores worldwide
"Get Ready", "Ready For It" & "Bad Blood" featured in FAMOUS IN LOVE  season 2 premiere
"Rise Up" featured in promos for FOX network's STAR
"Yes Yes I Can" featured on ABC's AMERICAN IDOL
"Do This" featured in promos for new NBC show GOOD GIRLS
"Get Dat" featured in Innocent Smoothie ads in UK, France & Germany
"Ready For It" lands promos for NBC's AP BIO & TLC's Trading Spaces
"Get Ready" featured in promos for new FOX show THE FOUR
Two new singles "Let Loose" and "Ready For It" out now
"Get Ready" featured on ABC's  DANCING WITH THE STARS
New single "Gimme Gimme" out now on itunes and spotify worldwide
"Whatcha Waiting For?" single out now on itunes and spotify worldwide
"Whatcha Waiting For?" featured in CW's Dynasty  promos
New single "Get Dat" now available on iTunes, Spotify & all digital stores worldwide
"Get Ready" featured in FOX fall promos and CBS Macguyver  promos
Debut single "Get Ready" now out on iTunes, Spotify & all digital stores worldwide
"Gonna Be A Good Day" featured in FOX's SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE
"Whatcha Waiting For?" featured in Amazon Pilots 2017 Trailer!
"Gimme Gimme" featured in  Freeform's FAMOUS IN LOVE
"Nobody Does It Like You" featured in CBS promos
celebrating 30 yrs at #1 in daytime television!
"Gimme Gimme" featured in promos for FOX network's LUCIFER
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